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Receiving a DUI is treated seriously by the State of Nevada and the court system, so why would you want to take an Alcohol Awareness program that doesn't treat it as such or has little experience? With our online Nevada DUI course, we have just what you need in order to put your DUI behind you: understanding of drunk driving violations and a program approved by the state itself.

Since 1996, our online courses have been helping motorists like you deal with their citations in such a way that pleases the court and fulfills their violation requirements. We have put together a well-trained team of staff members that are knowledgeable and can assist you with your DUI School obligations. Because we have been in the traffic business for so long, we have come to know what it is that our students need and adjust when necessary. We are always looking to better ourselves and fine-tune our program as needed.

Registration only takes a couple moments of your time and when it comes to your DUI, you have no time to spare!

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