Nevada DMV-Approved

DMV-Approved Proudly Serving the State of Nevada

Choosing the right DUI course for you boils down to one main thing: is the course a DMV certified DUI school? If you happen to be asking yourself this question about our Nevada DUI program, then the answer is yes! Our online Nevada DMV-approved class will help you meet all your state requirements after receiving a DUI in The Silver State.

You may be wondering why it is so important to complete a Nevada DMV certified DUI school. The answer is really quite simple: without this approval from the DMV, your course will not be accepted by the issuing court, the state, or your lawyer. DUI programs that fail to have approval or proper licensing are not allowed to teach you about alcohol awareness in Nevada, at least not for credit.

Our Nevada DMV-approved DUI course understands the whole process of receiving and then satisfying court or lawyer requirements for a DUI can be a long and stressful procedure. That is why we are here. With our Nevada DMV-approved program, you can rest assured that your DUI school requirements will be satisfied with as little hassle as possible.

Additionally, our online Nevada DUI program likes to display our approval for all of our students in order to provide further comfort when choosing our course. Our licensing number issued by the Nevada DMV is: DUI 000035572. With this license number, we are able to proudly service Numerous Courts all throughout The Silver State.

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