Help / FAQ

How quickly can I finish this course?

At we created our program to meet state requirements, meaning this course will take you as long to complete as it will in a classroom — 8 hours. The upside with taking our program online is that you will not have to sit and do the entire program all at once or even in the same day! You can do the course a little bit at a time and your progress will automatically be saved, unlike a boring classroom course.

How much does your online DUI School cost?

Most all DUI programs are owned and operated by different companies, so there is a fee when it comes to meeting your DUI school requirements. Our online course has a tuition fee of $.. This price includes everything you will need. There are NO HIDDEN FEES paid to our school! With this one-time fee, you will receive:

  • Live customer support 24/7!
  • Your original certificate of completion delivered to your mailbox via First Class USPS!
  • The entire program from home!
  • UNLIMITED chances to pass everything-final exam included!
  • Access to the course anytime 24/7!
  • The convenience of doing everything from home!
  • And more!

How can I make payment for your online class?

Our Nevada Online DUI School wants to ensure that the process of taking our DUI course is easy-going right from the start of registration; this includes paying your tuition. When you Enroll in our program either online, you will be asked to pay by credit or debit card through our secure server.

How do I register for your online class?

If you are ready to get the ball rolling and meet your DUI School requirements, enrollment is as simple as can be! Just Click Here and you will be taken right to our online registration page. Once you fill out all the appropriate fields, you can get started right away!

My Internet connection shut off while I was in the middle of a section. What should I do?

Not to worry! Because we are an online class, if you were in the middle of reading a chapter, you will be able to start from where you left off without issues. Simply return to our Student Log In and enter your username and password. Once that is complete, you will start right from the chapter in which you left off; it's that simple! With our online DUI School, you will NEVER have to fret about loss of course progress!

Does the program have to be completed all in one sitting?

Definitely not! Thanks to today's technology, you are able to log off and on the course as you please. When you feel you are at a good stopping point, simply sign out of the program or exit out of your Internet browser. When you log off, your course progress will automatically be saved through our secure online database. Whenever you are ready to continue on with the program, all you need to do is return to our website and log in with your username and password that was created at the time of registration. At the same time, if you would like to complete our online class all at once, you may do so. The great thing is whether you desire to take the program over time or all in one day, you will still be completing it from wherever you are most comfortable!

I have already enrolled. How do I get back into the program?

If you already signed up for our online DUI School, you can log back in easily! Click Here and you will be brought right to our student log in. Once you are there, all you need to do is type in your username and password that was created at the time of registration and you can log in and start from wherever you left off! If you do not remember your username and/or password, you may Click Here to retrieve that information.

Do I need any special software to take this course?

Not with our online class! Generally, if you are able to read the words on this website, you will be able to complete our online DUI course with ease. Our online course consists of eye-popping graphics and animations to help learning go by quicker and smoother, but these features should not cause you to have problems with the material. So grab your Internet-enabled device and Sign Up today! Our quick and easy online DUI program is here for you!

Does this need to be completed from the same computer or web-enabled device?

Not at all! The beauty about our Nevada Online DUI School is that you can complete the course at anytime from anywhere you have Internet access! Start today on your computer or laptop and finish next week on your smart phone or tablet-the choice is yours!

Is your class guaranteed?

Absolutely! Our Nevada Online DUI School is accepted and approved by the State of Nevada for anyone who needs the basic eight hour Alcohol Awareness course. To ensure you of our approval, we have provided our license number to serve you: DUI 000035572. For more information regarding our approval, please Click Here.

How does your Online Alcohol Class compare to other classes?

As part of the very first online traffic school introduced to the nation, we have been in the business of ticket dismissal and assisting drivers who need a drunk driving program in the State of Nevada for years. Our online course has been meticulously put together, researched, and created by experts of the driving world. To back up our program, we have staff members that are well-trained and available to assist you at anytime day or night, 24/7. We have a strong dedication to helping motorists meet their state requirements. With more Experience than other online schools, there's no reason to even look at another DUI course!

How many times can I take the final exam?

Our Nevada DUI Online program is designed to make sure you are able to pass and put your drunk driving incident behind you! If for any reason you do not pass your final examination the first go-around, you can retake your test as many times as needed. In order to give you time to study and be in compliance with state requirements, however, it is mandatory to wait 24 hours time between each retake.