MVC Approved

This site was fast and helpful for someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time. In chapter flash animations was the best thing I have ever come across!

– A.C.


I go to college full time, so finding a free day is hard to come by. I liked being able to do it in shifts if I needed to.

– M.S.


You have an exceptional program. I thank you very much.

– Emma


I like this way, because my work schedule varies weekly, and I could work on this anytime that I had the chance.

– Megan


I’m sorry that I had to take this course, but I feel that it has made me a better driver on the road. Everyone should have to take this course every 3 years as it will make them aware of the new laws and a better driver. I know it has for me.

– F.C.


I liked the fact that they broke it into sections by inserting pictures, diagrams, and flash animations. Thank you.

– Saraea


This program was so much better than sitting in a room full of strangers, listening to a “comic” drone on endlessly about the minute of traffic lore, only to be broken up by the excessive use of “Blood on the Highway” and other propaganda. Thank you for making getting a ticket an almost pleasant experience. Your site was well thought out, easy to navigate, and thorough. I completed the course in about 6 hours. Best of all, I did it on my own time from home. This convenience is worth the price of admission alone! Thank you again!

– M.C.


Very good course. Thank You.

– Enrique


The program is well constructed, and the fact that it is on the internet allowed me to complete it more easily and it was more convenient.

– Charles


This is a really time saving thing for people who have children and are full time college students. Thanks!

– Nicole