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Our Nevada Online DUI school course was formed with the drive to educate motorists on the road about the dangers of drinking and driving. Our mission is not just to help drivers across the State of Nevada and Nevada DUI violators fulfill their alcohol awareness program requirements, but to also keep our roadways a safer place. If you have yet to make the vow to never drink and drive again, this course will be your first step in doing so!

As a sister company to The On-Line Traffic School, Inc. (the first online traffic school introduced to the nation), we have acquired much experience when it comes to working with courthouses, the state, and lawyers in dismissing violations. With our long-time credibility, over four million drivers have chosen to participate in our course and have trusted our company to help them with their driving record. On top of the millions of satisfied motorists that we assisted over the years, we have also attained many great accomplishments, including:

  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Thousands of likes and followers through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • The approval of more than half of the states in our country
  • And more!

We created our program to be a simple task, not one that would make receiving your DUI more stressful than necessary. Filled with animations and fun graphics, dismissing a drunken driving violation has never been so easy! Thanks to suggestions to better our company through students and an in-house team of zealous staff members, we have gained great respect from motorists as well as approval from courthouses and the state. With our passion for satisfied customers and safe roadways, we have the perfect formula for a DUI school. Our enthusiasm for our online DUI program continues as we further our growth as a company.

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