As of 3/1/2021 we are no longer taking new course registrations. Students already registered will have until 3/31/2021 to complete their course.

Welcome to Our Nevada Online DUI School

Welcome to our Nevada Online DUI School, where our goal is to help get your DUI ticket put behind you in a quick and easy fashion! Receiving a drunken driving violation isn't ever number one on anyone's to-do list, and taking care of it can be thought of as a great nuisance. Don't worry! We have designed our online Nevada DUI School to make meeting your court and state requirements as effortless as possible. Our online class was ingeniously crafted to fit anyone's schedule, allowing you to complete everything from anywhere you have access to the Internet no matter the hour. On top of that, we offer 24/7 live customer support, just in case you need assistance at anytime throughout the duration of your course. Additionally, our chapters are broken up into short sections and consist of light reading material as well as animations and eye-catching graphics to make learning as simple as can be.

Taking care of your DUI citation doesn't need to be difficult or confusing! With our online course, everything about your DUI ticket can be explained and taken care of either through the information provided on our website or through our knowledgeable customer service representatives. When you enroll with our online Nevada DUI School, you will be well on your way to a better future without this DUI!

Study at Your Own Pace

Fulfilling your alcohol awareness program in a classroom is a thing of the past. Thanks to modern technology and our innovative staff team, we have created an online Nevada DUI School that will help you meet all your drunk driving program requirements at the tip of your fingers! No longer will you need to sit in a classroom for the longest eight hours of your life. With our online class, you are able to log off and on as many times as you need or wish without having to worry about losing course progress. Sounds too good to be true? It isn't! Find out more about our Easy DUI School.

Completely Online

Perfect for those in need of a drunk driving program and don't have time to attend a classroom or for motorists who have a last minute due date, our Nevada DUI School online is at your service! With our course, you are able to break away from the old tradition of classroom programs and move forward with our modern-day online class! If you have taken a look at where gas prices are headed, the thought of not having to drive anywhere to participate in an alcohol awareness program will put a smile on your face. With the cost of your DUI attorney, your violation fine, and more, there is no need to make this process more expensive than it needs to be! Enjoy sitting in the comforts of your own home and taking our online Nevada DUI School. Everything will be done at Your Own Time!

State and Court Approved

When you first start looking for the drunk driving program you want to utilize to meet your Nevada DUI School requirements, you want to make sure of two things:

  1. The course you choose has proper licensing from the Nevada DMV.
  2. Your court will accept your completion certificate from that program.

With our online class, we are Approved by the State, meaning your certificate of completion will automatically be accepted by the court, so long as you are granted permission to take a DUI program as either part of a plea bargain or your sentence. Our Nevada Online DUI School Proudly Serves courthouses all across The Silver State.

No Hidden Fees

No one likes to pay more than they are originally quoted, so why would you want to attend an alcohol awareness program that fools you into thinking you're paying a ridiculously low fee when you're asked to pay more at the end? Chances are you wouldn't. That's why our Nevada Online DUI School informs you of your tuition fee all upfront. From the time you get onto our website to the time we send out your certificate of completion, we are straightforward with everything, including course cost. Honesty is one of the first qualities you should be searching for when finding the right drunk driving program for you. Let us help you. Register today for a Nevada DUI School that tells you how it is and has nothing to hide!

Sign Me Up!

Are you ready to put your driving under the influence incident behind you? Then enroll today for our online Nevada DUI School! Starting the course is as easy as can be. All you need to do is head to our online registration form. After you have filled out all the necessary information, you can start your online class right away or the next time you have some free time. It only takes a moment of your time. Why wait?